What is sensitive skin? What is skincare routine for sensitive skin?


What is sensitive skin?

Although sensitive skin is a familiar word in the beauty industry, it’s not a skin disease that a dermatologist can diagnose you with. So, exactly what is sensitive skin? Sensitive skin is often described as an invisible condition in which skin is easily irritated and is prone to skin reactions such as itching, burning, tingling, stinging, and others. 

It is mostly caused by the application of certain skin care products, but reactions may also come from by environmental factors, excessive heat, harsh soaps, and strongly perfumed products.

How does skin become sensitive skin?

Skin is made up of three individual layers. The outermost part of the epidermis is the stratum corneum, which is also called the skin barrier.

 Skin barrier and major stratum corneum components, natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and ceramide, hold everything together to maintain skin’s moisture levels efficiently, keeping your skin hydrated, and smooth.

Your skin barrier has many important jobs such as protecting your body from external stressors, keeping your body and skin hydrated, and transporting nutrients to the skin. 

But the skin barrier is so fragile and easily vulnerable to damage from certain ingredients, environmental factors, physical damage from outside exposure. 

Once the skin barrier is damaged, skin might become dehydrated, lose moisture content, and dry out, becoming flaky. Also, once damaged it loses its ability to protect from damage from aggressors such as irritants, allergens, and free radicals that increase your risk of infections and dermatitis.

 So when your skin barrier is damaged, your skin is likely to become sensitive. 

What causes the skin barrier to become damaged?

The most severe damage is caused by using ingredients that are too harsh and aggressive for your skin.

 The most common of these irritating ingredients are grainy exfoliators, aggressive chemicals like intense acids, and drying sulfates.

Aside from skin products, other potential irritators are environmental factors such as weather variations and condition, pollution, sun exposure, poor diet, drinking, and smoking.

Additionally, overdoing a care routine may physically damage and dry out skin, typically from over-exfoliating and using hot water.

How to protect skin barrier?

To avoid having sensitive skin, you must protect the skin barrier. 

So how do you protect your skin barrier? The key is to take care of your skin. 

The right skin care routine will keep your skin healthy and strong, preventing against barrier damage.


What is sensitive skincare? Skincare routine for sensitive skin.

People with sensitive skin issues often use many different products to heal their skin, but that is wrong.

 The key to preventing sensitive skin is simplifying your skincare routine; just cleanse, moisture, and apply UV protection. 

Here are three important skincare routine rules to follow:

1. Loading up on moisturizers!

First, the most important thing to do for your skin is moisturizing. This is because dehydrated skin does not function or perform well, making it less able to prevent damage to your skin barrier.  

Once damaged, your skin becomes increasingly more vulnerable as it gets drier and flakier. To stop this downward spiral, you must use enough moisturizer.

2. Use the skincare designed for sensitive skin
When you moisturize your skin, the most important is using lotions and moisturizers designed for sensitive skin. If you use items that include harsh ingredients, it will worsen your skin condition. 

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3, Keep skin clean

Keeping skin clean is also important for improving sensitive skin.

 But as also with moisturizers, you need to be careful in choosing a cleanser. Ones with strong cleaning power may strip your sebum too much and worsen your skin condition, so please choose the one designed for sensitive skin. Dirt adsorbs to the foam and falls off, so be sure to lather thoroughly and wash the skin gently. Never scrub the skin with your hands to strongly irritate it.

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4, Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Lifestyle habits such as stress, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition can worsen a sensitive skin condition. 

The skin is a living organ that reflects your lifestyle and inner beauty brings outer beauty. So be sure to manage your stress, have a healthy diet, drink enough water, and get enough sleep!

Sensitive skin is rarely serious easily treatable. You can usually keep your symptoms under control with a few simple changes to your skin care routine. 

Just keep your skin routine simple and gentle and your skin will stay naturally strong and beautiful!



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