What is cell turnover? How to get rid of textured skin in gentle way?


You might hear the words “cell turnover” when looking into skincare, but many of you may not know exactly what “cell turnover” means. To keep your skin healthy and nice, you’d better understand how cellular turnover works!


What is cell turnover?

Cell turnover is the process of shedding dead skin cells and replacing them with newer cells. New skin cells are born in the deepest layer of your dermis, the basal layer, and gradually move through the skin's surface, called the epidermis. Because new cells replace old ones, this process makes your skin healthy, tight, and smooth. Usually new cells are born every 28 days but the rate slows down with age.

What happens when turnover slows down?

When the process becomes stagnant or slows down, dead cells stay longer on the surface of skin. Because new cells make you appear healthier and younger, the accumulation of dead surface skin cells causes problems such as dry, textured, rough, dull complexion bumps, blemishes and signs of aging.


What causes cell turnover to slow down?

One factor is aging. But there are other reasons cell turnover may slow down, regardless of age!


1. Dryness

When skin gets dry, it rushes to push newer cells over to keep skin healthy, but these newer cells are immature and have not developed an adequate water barrier. Since these barrier cells (called corneocytes) don’t retain moisture, it aggravates dry skin conditions. Also, the rapid repair response causes the skin’s outermost layer, the stratum corneum. to become excessively thick as it tries to prevent environmental damage from sources like UV rays and friction.


2. Sun damage

Turning over of the epidermis helps to repair skin damage and promote cell renewal. But when the epidermis becomes damaged by UV rays, cells rush to repair skin damage: dead cells move upward to the outside of the skin and new cells are regenerated prematurely. This leads the stratum corneum to become thick and rigid, resulting in rough, dull skin.


3. Moisturizing Cream

In a regular skincare routine, you usually apply cream as the last step to lock in moisture. However, sometimes moisturizing cream can actually prevent skin from renewing itself. After dead skin cells shed, new cells are called up to replace old ones. But applying a layer of cream can make it difficult for the surface layer of the skin to shed, which can prevent the skin for producing new cells and promoting turnover.


How to increase cell turnover rate? What is the skincare to help with texture?

To have brighter, healthier, and more youthful skin, the key is to boost cell turnover. Aggressively disturbing your skin’s natural barrier layer may lead to problems, so make sure to improve cell turnover with gentle way. The surest way to get rid of textured skin gently is hydrating! Because restoring moisture balance, giving your skin nutrition, and stimulating the production of collagen helps increase skin cell turnover rate. But what is the safe and efficient way to moisturize skin?


You may have heard that penetrating lotions are good because of their ability to work deep within the skin. But for those with sensitive skin, penetrating lotions may not be the best way to moisturize, as they can potentially damage delicate cells. Also, regular use of penetrating locations can reduce skin’s natural ability to retain water, resulting in a reliance on the product for hydration.


Suzuki Herb Laboratory aims to produce skincare products that enhance skin’s natural abilities. SoybeanLotion for Face contains polyglumatic acid that coats the surface of your skin with moisturize and strengthens its protective barrier against external threats. It selectively moisturizes the surface of skin while promoting its water retention function. This lotion boosts skin’s natural moisturizing factor, so your skin can keep itself moisturized and hydrated all day.


Cell turnover is improved by taking care of skin the right way. By hydrating, cleaning, and protecting skin from sun damage, you’ll keep your skin’s cell turnover rate as fast as possible!



Soybean Lotion for Face
Contains natto-derived polyglutamic acid. Polyglutamic acid has twice the moisturizing power of hyaluronic acid. It also increases natural moisturizing factors that store moisture in the skin. This lotion increases and stores water.



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